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Edi Shimonov is commonly referred to as the “orchestra man” since he plays many instruments and very musically oriented. He is a professional Saxophone/Clarinet player as well as a phenomenal Dj, Mc, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Composer.

Edi’s musical journey began from a very young age and at the age of 10, Edi had his debut on a major stage when he won a TV show called “Bravo” in Israel. Since then, Edi appeared on many different Israeli TV shows.

Through the age of 10 to 13, Edi released two singing albums with the help of his father and after a wonderful success of his albums, Edi was invited to perform in many different countries and very prestigious events. His success in music just kept on growing and his talent just gets better with the years. Edi Shimonov has also recorded for and shared the stage with many different celebrities.

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To date, Edi lives in Toronto, Canada. He is performing, singing, composing, producing, and recording worldwide on a regular basis. Music is the engine of his heart.

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